fumfer (third-person singular simple present fumfers, present participle fumfering, simple past and past participle fumfered)

1. To mumble, to mutter, to murmur.
2. To dither, to waffle.
3. To be evasive, to temporize, to stall.

4. To putter aimlessly.
- "Yeah, you defenitly need talking points. If not, you start fumfering, bro."
- "Start what?"
- "Look, you start fumfering. I ain't got time to explain it. Your word of the day."
by default36 October 26, 2020
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To say nonsensical things in rapidly therefore no one can understand you.
Jake Peralta : (talks meaningles and rapidly)
Captain Holt: you're fumfering...

Jake Peralta: of course I'm fumfering!
by wayofthevoid August 05, 2019
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