when someone almost commits a party foul
:someone is about to drop something (beer, hookah ect):

John: Fumble

:object is returned to its original position with a little or no damage:

John: good save dude, that was almost a party foul
by NAME: Kim September 23, 2005
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When one guy is talking by himself to group of ladies larger then 3. While he is spittin game you yell "Fumble!" and tackle the dude.
Guy1: " Hey Calebs talking to 4 girls over there."
Guy2:" By himself?"
Guy1: " Why yes."
Guy2:" Fumble!"
by 5for!0 July 26, 2009
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When you're having intercourse and you realize youre about to ejaculate. You dont want to be done now so you "fumble" or stop right before ejaculation. Then its like starting over and you get twice the amount of sex.
"I almost ruined sex with Jessica last night, good thing I fumbled."
"Yeah dude fumbling is the best!"
by oneguytrain December 15, 2013
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Certain people trying to acquire a certain person who is available, or scoop them up. They wait until a breakup or until they are available, and then run in and try to scoop it real quick"
"Noah tried to pick up Ella's fumble. He dived on the ground to try to get it"
by micdeeznutzzzzz December 14, 2015
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1. Ugly Female that doesn't even truly know she is ugly.

2. Super busted female that is in a public place looking something terrible.

3. Also could refer to those good looking girls who can dress well or maintain themselves or hygiene.
" Ugh, you see that girl over there, She's a FUMBLE. "

"(Riding in car, then you see an ugly girl on the streets, you say) FUMBLE!!!! Stay in doors."
by Money 92 July 11, 2009
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