Basically, the epitome of everything that is fail/stupid. It is an emphasis onthe word "dumb", a hybrid between "effing" and "dumb".

Synonyms: fail, dumb, stupid, idiotic, ridiculous
antonyms: intelligent, clever, witty, smart, genious
Related words: dumb, retarded, idiotic, stupid, oafish
misspellings: dumb, fumg, dumn, dumh, dubm
"that new movie 'the last airbender' looks fumb. They casted the characters all wrong."
by ShoopaGull47 December 22, 2009
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fat and dumb at the same time.
"look at that girl over there eating cake and smashing it into her eyes!"
"wow, she's freaking fumb."
by alley&erin August 20, 2006
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A synonym for "bang" or "boom", is more sound than word.
Terminator 3:
the terminator hits his newer version and enemy and in that moment some guy says "fumb".
by n2k March 08, 2004
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To have sex with your thumb
"Then I told the teacher, lady go fumb yourself you fumb."
by Elthumbo June 18, 2016
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