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dubm (dub um) ADJECTIVE.

1. A deliberate misspelling of the word “dumb,” meaning worse than stupid; intentional idiocy.

2. Any deliberate, spectacularly miserable failure masked as “mission accomplished.” From the presidential nickname, “Dubya” and “dumb.”
Larnie- I am not dumb, you are the one who is dumb, 'D-U-B-M' spells dumb.

Nick- Uh, Larnie, "D-U-B-M" spells "dubbum."

Larnie- (thinking) ...I hate you.

Nick- Sorry, gotta go, I hear your wife calling! Be sure to write when you learn how! Hey, guess what everybody, Larnie says I'm dubm!

Everybody- Huh?
by Maxhole June 25, 2009
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Beautiful, smart, sexy, but sometimes too hard on themselves.
- I feel dubm.

-By dubm do you mean smart sexy and beautiful?

by seeerrrrttttttt October 20, 2010
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