being completely wasted / drunk
person 1: "man im gonna be in full effect tonight!"
person 2: "can i come?"
by rabbittmabbitt February 12, 2011
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An old skool New Jack Swing saying. To be in your element or at your best.
Guy (band, Teddy Riley, Aaron Hall & Damion Hall) are in full effect!
by DirtyJelly July 3, 2014
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1. Present and accounted for 2. in extrordinarily good form
First fellow: Tamika in full effect.
Second Fellow: Right.
First Fellow: Shaniqua in full effect.
Second fellow: Uh-huh.
by Whack Chaddy Mack May 12, 2004
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the best band ever. james dawees'(synth player from "the get up kids") side project. he plays all the instruments. it's amazing.
reggie and the full effect is cooler than N*SYNC.
by courtney February 3, 2005
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