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Really, its fudge on crumbly stuff. or another word for a swearword(F - U - C - K)
1. Fudge cakes are really nice!
2. Oh Mother fudging Fudge cakes!
by Wadgamajiggy (anonymous) May 05, 2006
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it's basically a crazy word that should be used only when u really must... For the word fuck. I have used a total of 134.334 times
holy fudge cakes (insert blank situation)
by David November 21, 2004
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An annoying bitch who only replies with 1 word when you are trying to have a public discussion in a large chat
Person 1: "Fuck my life. My daughter just checked positive for terminal cancer"
Person 2: OOF
Person 1: I'm scared for her life
Person 2: ack
Person 1: Fuckoff you fudgecake!!
by Devenator November 28, 2017
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To be seemingly paying a compliment, but actually make a homosexual slur
Steven - Nice weather isn't it?
Richard - You are such a little fudgecakes
by Riccardo Johnston November 24, 2006
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