A eupharism for "fuck you" originated by Canadian prime minister Pierre Trudeau.
"Oh, fuddle duddle!"
by Phil February 10, 2003
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A word meaning "fuck you" or "fuck off" first; first used by Canadian prime minister Pierre Trudeau.
"What's your problem dude?"
"Oh go fuddle duddle"
"Fuddle Duddle?!"
"Yeh, Fuddle Duddle"
"Aight dude, I'll get right on that"
"What a fuddle duddlin' idiot"
by __DarkCloudz October 24, 2004
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An elderly person who is slow, confused or just doesn't care about getting out of people's way. They may be nice and all, but they constantly stop while merging on the highway, stop in the middle of an isle of a store and stare blankly or they refuse to allow anyone in front of them in lines even though they aren't even sure why they're there in the first place. I have nothing against Fuddle-duddles, but please get out of my way as I'm usually in a rush and I need to be places now.
"I have to pick up some Advil, I'll only be....oh no! Get out of the way! No, over here! This way! Oh c'mon, look at me...PLEASE!!! Honestly, these Fuddle-duddles! Argh!!!"

All the while, this elderly woman is sitting on her walker, in the middle of the ONLY parking spot in the entire lot, trying to read her receipt she got from buying her groceries to make sure she wasn't jipped that five cents. Then when she finally looks up and notices you trying to be patient, she gives you the one-fingered salute and proceeds to ever so slowly make her way to her car which is parked at an angle, taking up two spots instead of one. :(
by Captain Loloch February 19, 2022
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