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it is the name of a signature move made by Santoro.

She describes it as an action used in online games for flirting purposes. It is combination of getting someones attention, striping them down nude, tackling them, raping them and landing softly.
You just got :: fucktackled ::
by Santoro October 21, 2007
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Word used by a football fan whose Quarterback is Brett Favre after Favre throws yet another interception to lose a playoff game.
"Fucking Interception! Are you fucking kidding me?! OH MY FUCKTACKLE!"
by dldearinIUPUI February 01, 2010
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an excited greeting gesture when (usually a girl) runs up to a friend (usually a guy), jumps on them and wraps herself around them smoothing them in kisses, hugs, love, ect.
I haven't seen Jacob in forever, when I see him I'm going to fucktackle him to the ground!!!
by MsVenom November 03, 2013
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