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Fucknaut is quite simply a term used to describe someone that is ‘way out there’ and ‘fucking oneself’. Basically, anyone that has done something obviously stupid, yet unpredictable.
Which one of you fucknauts left the beer sitting on the router?
by CygonX September 01, 2004
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The term fucknaut, though similar in sound and meaning to the word fucknut, can be thought of in the same terms as the word astronaut. That is, an astronaut is one who traverses the astros and the suffix -naut itself means voyager, so a fucknaut can be thought of as one who explores the fucks, meaning one who engages in trivial and ridiculous matters, which in turn makes that person foolish, not unlike a fuckNUT. Therefore, the terms fucknaut and fucknut can be used synonymously, but the -NAUT portion should be clearly emphasized.
Tom is such a god damn fucknaut. He insisted that there was a blowout sale at the Big Lots two towns over, despite my telling him that there was not, so he drove 3 hours only to arrive at a Big Lots that has been closed down for months and was reconverted to a Fashion Bug. What a FUCKNAUT!
by Moe Sr. February 13, 2012
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n. Derived from Greek meaning, "a fucking dickwad." Used in reference to cockjockies, asscrabs, bitches, and assbuckets, to name but a few.
That Johny is a fucknaut, he insulted my girlfriend then vomited in my car.
by The Penguin Incarnate October 15, 2003
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