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A person (usually a man) that acts so stupid you just wanna strangle them. They screw things up, say stupid stuff, and have nothing intelligent to say. Their voice is usually that of one Napoleon Dynamite.
Moron Man: "hey, man, got any weeeeed? ha.. ha.. ha"

Tanya: "Hey, man, you're a fuckernut! You're the biggest piece of trash I ever laid eyes on."
by HateStupidPeople March 26, 2009
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Fuckernut is used when you do something that causes great pain to your body. I first used this word when I stubbed my pinky toe on a doorframe. You can also call someone a fuckernut. It can mean "Fucking retard". Nut meaning crazy person.
1. Oh, fuckernut, that hurt!

2. Shut up, you fuckernut.
by AnonymousHelper December 07, 2016
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Someone who is bazar, or completely out of their mind

Could explain someone who has lost their marbles

Could explain your friend who is trying to do crazy things

Could explain someone refusing to share their weed
Tim is being a fuckernut atm because she refuses to come chill with the guys
by Iamanut October 23, 2018
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