a term used by parents when dealing with over emotional teenagers, to be rid of once said teenagers are of age.
I cannot wait until Jamie grows up and finds somewhere else to fuck off to.
by maddy June 18, 2004
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When a guy is repeatedly turned down by a girl- whether it be turned down for hand holding, making out or banging- and continues to try to get it in. Listen dude- ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Face it, you messed up big time and because of that she's just not that into you...at all. So get it together, stop crying at bars annnnd don't show up on her doorstep weeping about what a pathetic little bitch you are. You fucked up and now you are being instructed to fuck off.
Guy: Come on, you know we're great together.

Girl: *laughs* eww guy, fuck off!
by DontBePathetic June 24, 2014
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To react in disbelief.

Also used in a congradulatory manner.

People are using Fuck Off as a "pat on the Shoulder" Term!

Awwwww Man.. I rode a wheelie on bike for 100 yards today.
Fuck Off!!!! Really?
Hey MAn.. Aint that some Killer Weed I scored!!!!!!!!
yeahhh man!! Fuck Off!!
by AcrobactJackOff October 25, 2009
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when someone says something to you and you are in disbelive.

DUDE #1: yo did you know that paul is fucking that hot bitch that works at the law office.

DUDE #2- fuck off?
by paul badmanabadman February 26, 2008
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