What you say to a telephone cold call solicitor when they use your minutes in an unsolicited call to your phone.
Caller: Hi my name is Tina and we are looking for someone to install a Free Alarm System in your home.... You: FUCK OFF!
by Billy BullSchitter April 16, 2016
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the only word in the English dictionary that means fuck off,
for example if someone ask you to go camping fuck off would mean, no i won't be joining you, i thank you so much for the invitation but i check my agenda and unfortunately im unavailable, you know fuck off!
by kanadienphatboy April 28, 2008
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USE: to fuck someone off -break up with
to be fucked off - to be broken up with

when someone has been dumped, rejected, ignored intentionally and are TOLD OF THIS BY ANOTHER, they have been "fucked off"
Example 1:
Amy: I heard Bob and Talia were still together even though she cheated on him?
Jane: Nah, he fucked her off straight away.

Example 2:
Josh: Melanie fucked me off!
Harry: Ha ha.
by b3c July 16, 2005
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