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A high skill required sexual maneuver involving at least three people.
People who are highly experienced at the fuck bicycle can actually use it as a mode of transportation.
Hey John do you want in on the fuck bicycle later? Only if I'm not the front wheel Eric!
by Theyunisharo September 17, 2016
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1.) A fuck bicycle is essential just a penis. Just like bicycles, they are ridden :-:

2.) An exercise machine with a dildo on top that powers as you cycle <3

3.) An anology for rider or die chicks who are down for fucking anytime anyday for the most part '...'

4a.) A hard man ready to ride and lasts over 5 minutes 4.b) A fuck bicycle lmao
Gurl! My man is a fuck bicycle I dont need no help getting dick from other fuck bicycle(s)
by BestDefiner227 September 15, 2016
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There are 3 different variations of the word that have different definitions and uses.
i) A bicycle designed to be fucked with
ii) A bicycle in which you fuck on
iii)A bicycle in which you will fucking become
i) Let's go get fucked by fuck bicycles
ii) I'm going to go fuck on my fuck bicycle
iii)I will become this fuck bicycle
by Habizness September 16, 2016
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A fuck bicycle is a large bike where people fuck. It can be used to fuck in the mountains or even on the sidewalk.
Walter, what a nice fuck bicycle you own.

Can I ride with you?

Yes, you will have a great time
by Miku-Senpai September 15, 2016
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