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1. A giant, living fireball that appeared once in Super Mario Bros. 2. When angered it will spew small fireballs at Mario. It appears at the end of world 4, which strangely enough consists of ice and snow.

2. The coolest troll mage in all of Kargath.
1. You can only hurt Fryguy with a mushroom block.

2. Woah, dude, what just hit me with his fiery wrath of Warsong doom?

It must have been Fryguy!
by Moyoya July 07, 2006
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A guy who tends to break, burn or fry things such as toys and electrical equipment. A person who pushes toys, cars, various other equipment to the limit and tend to exceed the limit and break, burn or fry them. Upon first putting a slot car on the track on the first lap the car stops and smoke comes out of it.
oh my look at Fryguy's slot car smoke and sizzle.

Oh no, don't let Fryguy drive my car. He might cause some damage.

Watch out Fryguy is on the track!
by fryguy August 09, 2007
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1. A frustrated middle-aged guy admitting he couldn't satisfy his clients, got a new job as a soda jerk. Realizing he could no longer ignore his love for deep fried foods, moved up to a position at the fryer. Has an obsession with nudity (is even known to address one male friend as "iluvyourclothesoff") wears nothing under his apron, but is surprisingly uneffected by spattering grease.
Hey, who is that guy smuggling a sausage under his apron. Oh, that's just fryguy.
by client August 30, 2006
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