refers to a gay/gay acting man.
"Hey, look at Frank. God, he's such a fruitcake."

"Why is his ass always x10 larger when Aaron is around? What a fruicake."
by esmosdium November 4, 2021
Someone who is always around but nobody wants a piece.
by jdthejerk December 29, 2016
A derogatory term to annoy 'fruity' individuals,usually those from New Zealand who call them selves 'kiwis', hence the word 'fruit'
Ivan: "Your such a fruitcake"
Kieran: "shut up"
by Xxx_Topshagger69_xxX May 30, 2018
yo kirms such a mf fruitcake bro
by lolkirmo February 5, 2021
1. someone who calls someone a fruitcake indicates that they want to do sexual intercourse

2. someone who is a fruity patootie
by Sandra Shapiro November 20, 2020