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-A song/album from the band Primus, centered around the bassist/singer Les Claypool

-Someone mentally damaged by Marijuana
-Dude Craig used to be cool, now hes all frizzle fry
by CrowPirate September 22, 2006
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A. (noun) Someone who is on a completely different plain of existence whether or not they're under the influence/

B. (verb) When your playing an electric instrument actively and sweat gets into the electronics a fucks them up.
A.) "I don't believe in miracles; I don't believe in lies; I don't believe in hologram; For I am the Frizzle Fry."

~Frizzle Fry by Primus

B.) Dammit, the pickups got frizzle fried from the last gig.
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by Fedowicz July 20, 2018
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A person who is usually retarded and is interested in bisexual sex with a fat heshe (woman with a mans penis)
You're such a FrizzleFry. I think he's into FrizzleFry
by Its a stfu August 11, 2007
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