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The only successful way to get out of the friend zone. This passport is an invitation extended by a female to a male friend she's attracted to letting him know it's okay to cross the "line" (of friendship). She will somehow set the guy up to make the "first move" usually by heavy and often obvious flirting she may downplay if caught in public. Seldom will she be straightforward about her feelings but will drop enough clues for a guy to trip over. This passport is normally available for a limited time only. The longer the friendship lasts, the less likely a friend zone passport will be granted. Note that these passports must be granted, not applied for. If a guy puts in an "application" for a friend zone passport it's almost always denied and leads to a deportation to the estranged zone- a place worse than the friend zone, worse than being a complete stranger.
When are you going to finally ask Monica out?

Who knows? I'm still waiting for her to give me a friend zone passport. I'm such a "nice guy" and "good friend" and you know how that goes.

Wow! I hear jerks don't have to wait long for one.
by Doublestuff December 04, 2008
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