A member of the opposite sex, that you know because they make it clear they have been in love with you since you met. You refuse their romantic gestures almost coldheartedly, and struggle to keep them at an arm's length, but safely within the friend zone, because they have some value or benefit for you. Unknowingly, they constantly attempt to make their affections for you more clear sand present them to you in painful obvious ways. Only to be rejected, repeatedly. You have "penalties" like, you refrain from casual hugs, or physical contacts, emotional outbursts or gratitude, for fear they might see it as a positive thing! Some form of an advance on your part, so you have to monitor your standard behavior when around them.
Oh, ya... That's nobody sexual, just my friend with penalties *name* and it's NOT like that!! For real, don't play around, and catch me a stalker!
by LadyWurdz March 18, 2016
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A friendship, most often between a man and women, that you do everything that you would when dating, but without romantic or sexual behavior. Many people assume the two of you are dating when in public. Note: Neither party wants something more out of the relationship.
How long have those two been dating?

They aren't.
Is he at least getting some?
No, they are just friends with penalties.
by heylookatthat December 25, 2014
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A friend that you don't want to stop being friends with, but they are always the source of bad shit, aka penalties.

*You often have to pay for things for them because they "forgot their wallet".
*Every time you're trying to score a number, they come over and say something to ruin your chances.
*They're always saying things around others that get you into fights, or almost do.
*Every time you plan a night out with them they cancel and you're left trying to figure out what to do.
Friend: "Hey man I saw you talking to that girl, did you get her number?"
You: "Nah man, X came over and said Y... then she took off."
Friend: "Damn, that sucks. Why would he say that?"
You: "friends with penalties shakes head"
by Bot7143 December 27, 2014
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