a friend is someone who should always be there for you, care about you, make you laugh, and knows how to make you feel better when your down.

when a friendship ends or you grow apart from a friend, it can hurt almost more than anything. like a non romantic "break up". it sucks.
by kaekae May 17, 2005
n. a person whom you can trust with nearly any information and count on to help you out of a difficult situation, also gives advice to help you avoid making a mess of your life; many people are considered to be friends, but few truly are.
Bob tells John that he wanted a can of beer despite the fact he is underage and that he had one. John respects Bob's actions and keeps the info to himself.

John has pissed off his landlord and now his life is in danger. Bob grabs whatever weapons are available to him and rushes out to help protect John.

Bob is sad and decides masochism is the answer. John reminds him how stupid that is and that hurting yourself solves nothing.

pseudofriends: (those you think are but really are not friends)
John sells Bob's secret to the school gossip.

John is lost and calls Bob, but Bob hangs up on him and ignores the hail because his favorite show is on TV.

Bob is expecting a call from his girlfriend and John hands the phone to Bob, except John does not tell Bob that it is his mother that called and not his girlfriend. John laughs as Bob takes the phone and says "Hey baby, you want to make some more love tonight?"
by Loduwijk July 5, 2004
person of your acquaintance with a particular trait which makes sleeping with him/her totally unappealling
"well jimmy, id thought we'd just be FRIENDS"
by skez August 16, 2005
Someone who would love to help you until you stop giving them there money and taking them places
My “friend” just helped me move.... after we went to the most expensive restaurant in the area
by Omgyoushouldlikethis October 17, 2019
A person for whom it is currently inconvient, for whatever reason, to stab you in the back.
"This guy's a true friend."
"This guy has yet to fuck me over."
by R.Matthews December 5, 2004
someone you shouldn't always trust most "friends" aren't really your friends they act like to know your business or to benefit from you its always a reason why someone becomes your friend and why they hang out with you because they either using you for attention or for others friends don't trust anyone you will know who your real "friends" are as time goes past.
are you friends with jasmin?... Yea..... Oh she was talking about you.
by GETTTTTMONEYYYYYY$$ March 29, 2019