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A person who is half Mexican and half French. They live in the country frexico and speak the language franish. They enjoy many types of Mexican and French foods, but they really love frexican food, such as guacamole crepes.
franish- Hola! Je m'appelle Bonjour Guacamole Carlos Oui Oui! (Hi! My name is Bonjour Guacamole Carlos Oui Oui!)
Dude, that guy over there is such a frexican!
Guacamole crepes are a frexican dish.
by WeRtY October 22, 2014
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A creature descendant of both French and Mexican blood lines once thought to be a myth. This half French Half Mexican monster is now recognized by science to be a real flesh and blood being brought into existence by the use of Tequila, poor decision making and lack of condoms. Frexicans are impatient, drink, smoke, piss on your dog and generally regarded as being easily insulted.
That Frexican just drank all of my Tequila and pissed on my dog yo!
by Pariahnola January 09, 2012
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Person of Mexican and/or Lebanese descent, living in France. Uses the word pantsu too often. Stresses alot, and needs marijuana to fix his personality disorder.
-!- LeaderNarutardPantsu ( has quit (Quit: THE END OF NARUTO HAS COME! WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO ALL OF THOSE NARUTARDS WHO ARE SWEARING AND DREAMING ABOUT NARUTO EVERYDAY? this company has killed too many narutards, it must end soon, go help the salvation for them!!! :X -=SysReset 2.53=-)
by mf February 18, 2005
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a freckled mexican.

usually when it rains, a mexican's makeup will come off in spots on their face, giving them the look of freckles.

hence, freckled Mexican.
wow, when it started raining Ronda's makeup came off in dots and made her look like a frexican.
by crakemonk April 09, 2006
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Derived from French/Mexican. An individual that knows not whether they are coming or going.
Jennifer Lopez is a Frexican.
by b-killa September 18, 2007
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