a term used to describe something that is so good it is inexplainable.
my goodness, that is fresh to death my negro brederin!
by bob the PIMP June 22, 2004
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Being dressed in very fashionable items, be they sneakers, clothes, jewelery, etc... Originated from "Heaven's Gate" mass suicide, who wore all matching outfits with crisp Nikes before they committed suicide - therefore Fresh to Death
"Damn your outfit is wild, you always keep it fresh to death!"

"You know those heaven's gate nuts? they were crazy but they kept it fresh to death!!!"
by *Dade December 15, 2007
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someone strangely and undefinably acceptable; highly approved for reasons undetermined.
With those wet, orange cotton shorts, she is fresh as death.
by Allison Hefner June 28, 2008
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If your lookin fresh to death your lookin fly. One of those days where your just goin all out on your freshness weather it be at school, at a party, it can be anywhere.
Girl: yo you lookin good tonight
Me: I know I'm looking FTD (fresh to death).
by Vladamir2798 October 19, 2010
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