Short for Fremantle, a port city next to Perth in Western Australia.
Hey guys wanna go to Freo for a couple of drinks?
by Gorvi September 27, 2007
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a massive shithole where a bunch of dropkicks play footy
some cunts got stabbed in freo by a bunch of abos and shit got wild then we tried to get the fuck outta there but some dero cunts came and beat us up.
when we woke up some of the freo locals had stolen our shoes so they could play for the dockers
thanks a lot freo riff
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A supercoach team that always gets unlucky in classic leagues but wins every game in draft but every now and then loses to the worst teams.
Frankie's Freo team is f*cked in classic
by 4202169 May 11, 2021
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Commonly used as an excuse to get out of something you can't do and or when you previously had accepted a invitation to something but need to get out of it. Having a sister may or may not be true and she may or may not live in Freo. This is irrelevant as the emphasis is having a plausible excuse, not on actual fact.

Can be embellished with descriptive addiction as such as ...for a family do or to go watch a football match.

Feminine form of i need to take my little brother to baseball practice
"Damn, sorry to do this, but it can't make it this afternoon, I have to see my sister in Freo"
by Ttaym October 16, 2013
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