The fashion act of tucking only front of the shirt in the pants, as popularised (to the point of memetic mutation) by Tan France on Queer Eye reboot.
Look at them, they're wearing a patterned shirt and a french tuck now, this is a Tan France outfit if i saw one!
by thehawkeye June 25, 2018
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When a man attempts to appear to have female genitalia by tucking his junk behind his thighs or in his crack.
My favorite part in <i>Ace Ventura: Pet Detective</i> was when they lifted up the skirt on the lady and it turned out to be a guy doing a french tuck. It looked like a nasty case of hemorrhoids.
by poopstone July 11, 2006
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Placing an erect penis under the belt rim of your pants in an attempt to hide the evidence.
Before solving the equation on the board johnny performed a quick french tuck to conceal his awkward boner from his classmates.
by Twiggy Johnson August 2, 2018
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