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One who goes with the flow of life. This type of individual is usually fully comfortable with themselves. They accept everything for what they are and go on with their day. Usually very positive. Free spirited people do whatever makes them happy, are content, & keep their cool better than most. Most of these people see things differently.
Someone: Never thought of it that way, he's a bit different.
Another: He is different, not weird but interesting. He's free spirited.
by Ashley Adrenaline April 12, 2010
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Someone who isn't weighed down by the troubles of everyday life, is always themselves regardless of the situation and lives life to the full. Not restricted by other people's opinions. Note: free-spirited should be used in a positive context.
A girl who still smiles when things aren't going too well, taking a positive outlook on life and trying to make the most of it - her spirit isnt damped by little things in life, she's free spirited.

Some girl that doesnt care what society thinks, is scrounging benefits, harassing old ladies and getting drunk in the park... she is NOT free-spirited, she has problems.
by Tom12 June 16, 2008
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Someone who is compassionate, can be very energetic, is independent, and/or is very passionate about their ideas not caring if others disapprove.
Man! That girl sure is free spirited. No one can stop her when she gets excited about something!

I wish I were a free spirit like her. She's a good leader, and she understands people.

He definitely was a free-spirited boy... one could say he was stubborn. He wouldn't listen once he had an idea bouncing around in his head.
by Bookworm#1 ;D June 14, 2017
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Someone who cannot be tamed; Untame; Stubborn...
That girl is SOOOOO Free-Spirited!!!!..she can't be tamed by anybody!!!
by Cimmy Mae May 06, 2008
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A polite term for the batshit insane.
Many free-spirited individuals will focus their lives on fun, despite what society may think of them, and often at many a cost to all others within their vicinity.
Holly Golightly is a selfish, irresponsible, and manipulative character--very free-spirited indeed.
by shoshkabob November 27, 2012
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A nice way of calling someone a slut. The labeled person, either a male or female, has a "free spirit" and thus is not grounded by society's disapproval of having several sexual partners. Also referred to as free.
I agree with you that Laurie is attractive and might make a nice girlfriend, but, uh, how should I put this...she's very free-spirited.
by Michael J. M. February 22, 2005
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