A fetish where partners are allowed to fuck any part of their partner at any time.
My girlfriend is a Free-User we both love free use, so knock before coming in our house . . . or don't!
by Anarkizt May 9, 2019
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When a partner/person is down to be fucked when ever and/or where ever.
Me and my wife are in a free use relationship so i can fuck her when ever i want to.
by TheTedd April 12, 2017
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An unofficial day held every year on the second Friday of October (coincides with World Egg Day yearly). Typically falls around the 11th to the 14th of October depending on how the day falls.

The day began as a joke from online sex roleplay chatrooms but has gained some mainstream attention elsewhere online.

Free use means that a couple must engage in sex whenever one of the members of the couple wants to have sex, even if the other member is not horny. In free use, as long as one member is horny, the couple is required to have some kind of sexy time.
You: Hey babe, my cock is hard. Wanna fuck?

GF: Im tired, but hey its free use friday! Might as well.
by globutaroi July 2, 2022
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On October 15th is basically where you and your gf/bf/wife/husband /sneaky link what ever they are too you get to have $ex at anytime you want meaning if the person is horny they have $ex even if the other person isn't.
You: baby I'm horny
Gf: well it is free use Friday
by Kyle Bloomberg September 16, 2021
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beyond the bounds of useless and worthless, you become use free.
Who does the hiring at this place? Every new hire is more use free than the last
by heynow_1 May 8, 2008
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Phrase used when you want to be released from work like when Joseph Cinque from Amistad demanded his release from slave masters.
Man #1: (Sitting at his desk not wanting to work and wanting to go home and play some video game) G U U F (Give us us free)

Man #2: Seriously, is it 5pm yet?
by shekkie20 May 23, 2008
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The phrase often repeated throughout Joey Drew Studios in the ink writing on the walls in the popular indie horror game Bendy and the Ink Machine
Sammy: Soon he will hear me. He will set us free
by Dr.Ink July 23, 2018
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