An individual whose opinions are formed on the basis of an understanding and rejection of tradition, authority or established belief.
Sarah did not believe that her friend Tom was going to hell just because he had a boyfriend. She was as a free thinker.
by Mago Chutney May 26, 2006
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A word meaning someone who doesn't necessarily base their opinions on any particular creed or system of ideas, but based on their own intuition and perception of reality.

Also, a word hijacked by the Militant Atheist movement to mean, well, an atheist, with the obvious (but baseless) implication that free thought would never bring anyone to believe in a higher power.
Joe didn't believe in any organized religion, but believed in his own form of God. Joe is a free thinker.
by quietmedic April 21, 2016
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Years of misuse has reduced the term to a self-branded label for pretentious adolescents who have only just realized that the universe isn't what their parents/guardians lead them to believe like most rational individuals who reach this epiphany at the age of 6 but for lack of better word and/or urge to sound like pretentious adolescents who have only just realized that the universe isn't what their parents/guardians lead them to believe is used to describe anything from the classical definition of open-mindedness to being-like-the-rest-of-us-who-are-different-to-you.
a: "What religion are you?"
b: "I'm a free thinker"
a: "What?"
b: "I'm not really sure whether god exists"
a: "So you're agnostic?"
b: "No, I'm a free thinker"
a: "That's a little vague; you could be a free thinking atheist or free thinking agnostic but saying free thinker doesn't tell anyone what you believe in"
b: "But I'm a free thinker"
a: "Do you even know what that means?"
b: "My friends are free thinkers"
by nev_ February 20, 2011
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Generally, an elitist misanthrope who is infatuated with his pretense of learning.
by Robert O'Brien June 15, 2006
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Another way to say that you're agnostic, which is a polite way to say that you don't believe in God, and is far too often confused with atheism, which means you don't believe in ANY religion. What's important is that none of these terms relate to having a religious belief, rather they signify a lack of belief.
Chris:"So, you're an atheist? Why do you worship Satan?"
Norm:"No, atheists don't worship Satan, and I never said I was an atheist."
Chris:"So, you're agnostic? That's almost as bad as being atheist!"
Norm:"No, you're confusing your terms."
Chris:"So what DO you believe?"
Norm:*sigh* "You know what? Let's just call it being a free thinker. OK? I'm not atheist, or agnostic, or satanist, which you're confusing them all with; I'm a free thinker."
Chris:"Well, OK, that doesn't sound so bad."
by The BXRabbit September 28, 2008
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A philosophical viewpoint that opinions or beliefs of reality should be based on science, logic and reason. Ideas should not be derived from religion, authority, governments or dogmas.
A free thinker should not reject nor accept any proposed truths of organized religion, established norms, media, etc. They should determine if the belief is valid based on their own knowledge, intuition, research and reason. Just because other people believe in it, doesn't mean it's right! Use your own judgment and think critically!
by Autumn's Modesty September 19, 2009
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a) One who relies solely on themselves to make judgments based on their own perception of the world rather than blindly accepting what is told or implied by an outside influence, which is usually some kind of authoritarian figure.

Usually associated with non-conformists...
Very few people in this world have realized that they have access to and the ability to perform independent thought. While everyone has the ability, only the free thinker uses it, because he knows what he wants.
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