It's a game when you invite people over to play fortnite but instead you end up having sex with them.
I invited him to play fortnite but we ended up paying forknite instead.
by ozdaboss April 3, 2018
fortnite but instead of shooting people to death you slowly stab them with a small fork until they bleed to death
jim: forknite is so fun bro."
sam: "dont you mean fortnite?"
jim: "nah man forknite you get to stab kids with forks!"
sam: " thats my fucking dream!"
by fgfuyfgufcferygvif March 27, 2020
better then fortnite ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Travis: ya play any fortnite
Paige/; Nope i play forknite reeeeeeeeeeeeer
by GabbieStan21 December 14, 2018