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taking foreskin like a balloon, blowing into it, like a balloon, holding it tightly and then sqeezing the air out.
every time that i gave him a foreskin fart he was bewildered by the noise
by jack lockhart November 21, 2011
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When an uncut man retracts his foreskin and as it passes over the head of the penis is makes a wet fart-like noise. Sometimes it can be very brief, other times "farts" can last up to 15 seconds or more; it all depends on the tightness of the foreskin; a tighter foreskin causes a shorter fart, the amount of precum already on the penis head, and the force with which the foreskin is retracted.
Chiron: The fuck was that noise?

Tyrell: What noise, nigga?

Chiron: You shittin' in the bathroom or something?

Tyrell : Ah shit, nah G, it was a foreskin fart.

Chiron: A what?

Tyrell : Here let me show you.
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by HueyLewisandtheNewz December 05, 2017
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