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Generally preceded by a complement and an expression of gratitude by another.

Originated by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog
Me: Hey, that is a good shirt
You: Really? Thank you!
Me: For me to poop on!!!!
by Mike Truitt June 16, 2003
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from the "Late Night with Conan O'Brian" show. Standard insult given by Triumph, The Insult Comic Dog. Used at the end of a sentence to change a comment/statement/compliment into an insult or put-down. Notice the context of the sentence examples to see how to use it (or decline to use it.)
good time to use it: Oh yes, I just bought your new CD, Ashlee, and it is the greatest thing in the world.....FOR ME TO POOP ON!
bad time to use it: Mom, can you make some Rice Krispies treats......FOR ME TO POOP ON? *gets smacked by Mom, then Dad, then by the rest of the family*
by earpuller October 10, 2005
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