1. somebody who has the perfect smile. you gaze into their eyes and fall in love. has pretty hair. someone you want to cuddle with all day. someone you want around your whole life. someone who makes you smile.
by beasticeskater94 January 13, 2012
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1. A sarcastic phrase used when you are obviously annoyed at the comment and/or subject a person is talking about. Generally said in a sarcastic tone and in a way that even the biggest idiot will understand that in no way do you believe that the comment was actually cute.
Annoying friend who never shuts up about his/her boy/girlfriend says: "Oh my gosh so we were together and he hugged me!"

You say in a sarcastic tone: "Oh, That's Cute."
by sweetsean93 February 2, 2010
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More than just a pretty face, a person who also is beautiful inside and makes others feel good by his/her acts, words or simple presence.
Stephane is cute! ;)
by Liz November 4, 2003
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More than just a pretty face, a person who also is beautiful inside and makes others feel good by her acts, words or simple presence. Often refers to a beautifull smile, eyes or other attractive features.
Jenn is perceived as cute by many including the strapping young lad named David.
by Jennifer Hogan April 8, 2008
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1) used to describe little kids doing funny things
2) someone that is attrative in an innocent way
3) used to describe someone or an act that's sweet, nice
4) something that you just want to squeeze, or keep
5) used to refer to something little, or related to being young
6) someone doing something silly, special
1) the baby is so cute when she dances in her mom's high heels
2) he's sooo cute but he doesn't seem like a wild sex machine.
3) it was so cute when johnny gave me a stuffed ewok and lolly pops from disney land!
4) that little puppy is so cute that i want to have it near me in my pocket because it makes me happy.
5) that pink, sparkly fairy princess dress was very cute!
6) it was cute when he told me that he had a secret, and then told me that he loved me in my ear
by rachel September 11, 2004
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1. attractive, esp. in a dainty way; pleasingly pretty
Sabrina is the cutest of all cuties that could possibly be cute and nobody could ever be cuter!
by Apocalypseo October 30, 2006
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