Generic title of the final boss character in any game, although most likely used when describing a game that is generic or cliche in nature.
So I collect these 8 crystals and kill the big foozle? Damn, so much for an innovative RPG...
by rant December 16, 2004
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A small ball of hair, dust, and / or lint that can be found rolling around the floor, and often under sofas and beds. Sometimes called a "dust bunny". Often looks like a small tumbleweed.
No wonder my allergies are acting up; there are enough foozles under this bed to kill a horse.
by indgosky January 29, 2009
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A term for when a book is listened to instead of read. Most commonly refers to how you might "read" and audiobook.
I just foozled The Martian. It was so good and the narrator really made the character.
by lubberwort February 2, 2016
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3)A very complex word that has the power to replace any word.

2)A complex and confusing situation.

3)Everything but at the same time nothing.
1) I foozled your mom last night.

2) How did we ger ourselves into this foozle?

3) That ball is a foozle, but it isn' it?
by Utonduragu March 19, 2008
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Not un-like shazbot, Foozle is spoken when somthing takes a direction other then the correct one. Mostly used in Computer Science classes when the output of code does not look at all like it should. Also used in golf to describe a lousy swing.
What the Foozle?
You Foozled that one...
For Foozle Sakes!
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The gangster hardcore gamer's way of saying fuck; also known for being used when you're confused.
"What the foozle!?"

"Man, I'm so foozled!"
by Teh Original Mr. Cool May 13, 2005
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A foo, interpreted by Snoop Dogg
You fizzlin foozle, ima foo you up!
by DesiKing123 July 28, 2003
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