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footskie (in Dutch, footsky ): slang for the act of masturbation in which an erect penis is stationed between two feet (both feet are bottom-to-bottom, forming a foot vagina (see fagina )). The footskier (participant using feet) proceeds to stroke the erect penis of the footskiee (participant with erect penis) at variable speeds and variable fagina-squeezing intensities until the footskiee either a) achieves ejaculation or b) can no longer take the pain of the friction caused by the unsanitary, calloused feet; at which point, the footskiee dick slaps the footskier for not cleaning their nasty-ass feet, resulting in the transfer of fungus to the footskier's face, rendering the footskier anti-social for the next 3 to 6 weeks.
I met that girl in a bar, and 15 minutes later she was giving me a footskie in the mens room.
by JohnnyThreeLegs January 08, 2008
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