when one accidentally says something offensive or stupid
example 1:

amy: "she agrees with me, see you're in shape! finally someone who agrees with me"

norman: "who disagreed?"

example 2:

andrew stone: "your mom is stupid"

david: "your mom is fat"

(person's mom walks in, and heard him put his foot in his mouth)

david: "oh,... uhm hi Mrs. Stone"

example 3:

little kid's mom: "i feel bloated"

little kid named ben: "its okay to be fat when you're old"
(little kids are usually excused from foot in mouth because of their ignorance and innocence)
by eeeeeeoooooop March 16, 2012
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yo dude, did you see that speech where Donald Trump (aka donnie troomp) put his foot in mouth? he said “this is a great day for George Floyd”... wtf
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An affliction where one has the tendency to slip up in a conversation and eat their own words.

see: open mouth, insert foot
I accidentally insulted Joe's mom right in front of her. I think I have foot-in-mouth disease.

Most politicians suffer from foot-in-mouth disease; they make promises that they never keep which eventually bites them in the ass.
by Baz S. October 4, 2007
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She really put foot in mouth when she called her boyfriendby he name of her ex
by Amanecer January 22, 2015
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An affliction that often occurs to people who chronically don't think carefully enough about what they are saying in a conversation. Saying something thoughtless that might hurt another's feelings is something we all do occasionally, but if it happens more than once or twice per month, you might have foot-in-mouth disease.
When Bill dissed his sister's new boyfriend to his buddy Richard, he didn't bother to look around and make sure she was out of earshot. Richard said, "Damn, Bill, she's in the kitchen only a few feet away! D'ya got foot-in-mouth disease or somethin'? "
by Jori Atoz January 14, 2016
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Putting your foot in your mouth, partially or as a whole.
I: What’s that in your mouth
C: My foot
I: Did you just fist your mouth
I: Oh no, you footing your mouth
by IXKD December 20, 2020
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A description about one who has a habit of putting their foot in their mouth. From Foot and Mouth Disease.
"Oh, Geez, I'm sorry!" Bob said.
"You've got foot in mouth disease today, don't you?"
by armina August 10, 2005
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