a synonym for the word 'fart' .

eww alyssa food!
Jennifer food in the go kart.
Manna food in the go kart and alyssa thought it was the guys who worked at the track.
by Manna Banana March 08, 2008
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Fool, edjit. To be a foo is to suck at life. To be inexpirenced. in other words a jackass
Yo foo, get of the road
by Herman Bunker June 02, 2006
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a) Multiple of foo. See foo, a Mr T-ism, contraction for fool.

b) Dave Grohl's over-rated foo fighters band.
Hannibal, wat dees foos talkin jibba jabba bout? Crazy foo Murdock in ma van!

"The foos smoke monkey dong"
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 05, 2004
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stuff fought by an awesome band called foo fighters
dude: man they are kicking the shit out of that foo
dude2: wtf is foo?
dude: your mom is foo, now shut up and listen
by foo fighter May 23, 2005
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A word originating in Edinburgh meaning vagina.
"Your Foo looks pretty!"
by AndySmith September 02, 2005
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