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adj. boring, lame
origin: Chilean slang
pronounced fo'mae in spanish, foamy is easier to say in english
Dude. This party is fomé, there is nothing but fags and fat chicks in here, let dip!

Oye hueon. Ese disco es fomé, puro maricones y gortidas acá. ¿Salimos?

Man I was foamy as shit last night, I was in bed by 10.
by Jon ONeill June 05, 2005
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ha tad you fell for the same joke twice
Tad wanted to know about fomè so we told him that the definition changed and he fell for it .. mortal....
by Heather/katie WE ARE COOL!! February 20, 2005
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ha tad thinking you could find out about fomè
Tad wishes he knew what fomè was but he cant
by that person November 06, 2004
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Free Online Multiplayer Egoshooter
"Good gods, I've run out of money for my monthly WoW subsciption again...what should I do?"
"Play a FOMES - and by the way, that term was devised by a stunningly beautiful eSports Editor."
"Oh snap, good idea!"
by Faolchu July 30, 2008
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A group or white males casually having anal sex while blasting country music.
“Hey Carter are you trynna go fome this weekend with the boys?”
by Landizzz May 22, 2018
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