baiting someone into follow or sub to a certain account just like clickbait. this commonly used in tiktok.

and these motherfuckers have got bio set as "post a video about me, and I'll comment"
scumbag: I can't believe what this guy posted, this is disgusting!
smartass: what did he post?
scumbag: you have to see it by yourself
smartass: but the profile is private.
scumbag: follow it then
smartass: alright, i know what you're trying to do, you're trying to followbait me
by W$en June 19, 2022
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On social media, the practice of following one or various accounts at random (or with shared themes, topics or interests) with the intent of harvesting a follow back from the target account. If said target returns the follow, the "follow baiter" will withdraw their own in a short amount of time.

Often seen as a scummy tactic to artificially boost an account/profile's follower count, ratio, reach and engagements. This course of action is most commonly seen on the likes of Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

See also: Follower Whore
A: "My new art account isn't picking up... I lost a couple followers today! :("
B: "Must have been some followbaiters"

A: "This dude I don't know just followed me on Instagram. Is he trying to followbait me?"
by Natstotzka September 27, 2023
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When people put attractive images of themselves as their profile picture on instagram but look nothing like their profile picture when you follow them
"I thought she had a nice butt but it was just followbait"
by SelectiveLearning May 9, 2017
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