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fake model.
takes 'model' pictures and lies about where they came from.
amanda- dude, audrey is such a fodel!
bianca- i know, she doesnt even have an agency.
by grrsnarffblahgah November 18, 2008
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When one is sitting on a comfortable chair with the opposite sex in their lap, and they begin to enter a state of consciousness known as "sex-hungry-foreplay".
When (lets say a kid named Charlie Kendall) is sitting on a couch and a girl (lets call her Alex Fodel) is sitting on his lap profusely launching saliva into his mouth via a kiss.
by titsinyamoufff August 28, 2010
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An area of an object that has been taken over by a fodel.
by BSblind97 March 11, 2004
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