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The sound produced when two elephants, joined at the trunk sneeze simultaneously

n. A Low to high-pitched, irritating screech.
v. fnorked, fnorking, fnorks To utter in or as if in a fnork.
v.intr. To cry out in a low to high-pitched, strident voice.
The entire zoo shook when Gerald and Phyllisity sneezed while exchanging a peanut via thier trunks producing an ear shattering fnork, which sent thirteen people to the hospital with damaged eardrums, and generated a $1700.34 veterinarians bill to extract a peanut (in the shell) from the tear duct in Gerald’s left eye.
by MetLab Bob May 20, 2006
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To ruin, destroy, or make dysfunctional.
"Fnorked" is commonly used as an adjective to describe something that is messed up or dysfunctional.

May be a corruption of the vulgar word "fuck".
The cheap tape dispenser was fnorked.
by Sminty January 06, 2008
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The process of sticking dead animals in one's vagina
She fnorked that chipmunk
by Jacob September 10, 2004
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