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The word is a combination between the two words "fucking" and "nigger". Its origin wasn't meant offensive to anyone, only for private use. The guys who originally used it only used it for lulz. It could also be associated with expressing hate towards the negro race. This is not its favored use, though
"Fnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn..." (Where they don't directly say the word "fnigger", but sort of refer to it)
by hurrdurrfnigger August 02, 2010
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(FFF-nigger) A person of First Nation descent who finds himself or herself believing they are from a US ghetto and dress, act and talk like a nigger. Very much like a wigger only red skin.
"Yo bitch! Check out my bling-bling!"
"Shut up fnigger."
by johnny867 December 23, 2008
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