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a party made by "party crews" which may contain, noz,drugs, beer and live freak shows. These partys are know by distrubutions of flyers arountd the 'hood.
Hey, what-his-face is having a flyer party at Saturday!
by Adriana April 03, 2004
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also known as a Sex party. Muilti Mattresses are layed out and everyone just goes at once and starts haveing sex. Sometimes a person can end up with having more then just one partner at a time.
FLYER PARTY! eveyone better come...even u pretty ma'ma
by call me T February 08, 2006
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Short Definition:
Party based around sexual activity, Youre invited to go if you have a flyer...

Long Definition:
Flyer Partys vary widely depending on whos throwing the "party". Usually these partys are started by someone handing flyers to friends who then dristribute these flyers to people who they think would want to come usually 20-50 people are invited in total. This party os for singles and couples. At the party there can either be 1 Room (not always a room, one time I've heard of a backyard) or multiple rooms with different activitys in them, mostly sexual, but not always. Sometimes theres drugs and alchohol. These partys have a WIDE variation of whats in them sometimes its just people making out on multiple couches, sometimes its everyone having oral, anal, and intercoarse with the whole room full of marijuana smoke. If youve never been invited youre either not old enough, TOO old or you never WILL be invited...
"Hey dude, Flyer party **hands him a flyer** wanna go?"
by Steve Frank August 09, 2006
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