An active fantasy sports owner who, because of complete incompetence, provides an easy W for their opponent when matched up in head-to-head leagues (H2H).
Brian and Dave are the league fluffers once again. If I could face them for the rest of the regular season I would be guaranteed a postseason birth.
by YouthofToday November 17, 2009
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A person who whips eggs which adds air to them. This makes the eggs fluffy.
My boyfriend is a morning fluffer. He whips eggs to make scrambled eggs fluffy.
by I'masecret August 24, 2013
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While most often (and not incorrectly) refering to the person who maintains porn stars perfect errections between scenes, it is also a reference to a perfect vagina that will give the same effect, a long lasting perfect errection.
Trisha is such a fluffer I am constantly sprung just thinking about her pussy
by Robert S April 21, 2006
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Slang for a bullpen catcher. Similar to a pornstar's fluffer a bullpen catcher's job is to warm up the star behind the scences.
"Here comes the closer, I hope the fluffer got him ready."
by Stratton December 8, 2005
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A lighter or torch used to spark another torch lighter that wont spark on its own.
This torch's full of butane but it won't spark. Pass me that fluffer so I can get it fired up.
by itslikeSeven711 August 30, 2018
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the best job a girl can have sucking guys dick while they wait to fuck pornstars they use me to suck them they dont ask i dont refuse they dont care that im pretty or ugly and they call me dirty names pick me up slide inside me with out asking use me all they want often after the scene they use me till they are content the porn girls are down but i dont charge
i always wanted to be a fluffer my greatest dreams have come true
by onlyslutsforme May 2, 2020
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A warm-up team before the big game
Miami Heat used Detroit Pistons as a fluffer before going for the NBA championship
by Felix Ed May 25, 2006
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