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those pieces of fuzz that come off of sweaters that have been washed at least twice
"It's time to give this sweater to Goodwill - it has too many floozles."
by jujub263 March 12, 2009
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(Adjective) Particulary ugly. Of or related to extreme ugliness. Gross!

(Noun) Anything/Anyone causing disgust.

(Adverb) Performing an action in an ugly manner.
Noone asked the floozle faced girl for a dance.

While vacationing, the Floozle scared a child.

The floozle faced girl, floozly invited herself on the floozle's vacation. The two floozly danced into the night, floozling all that watched their floozle ways. Floozle!!!
by TCAN September 01, 2005
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