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The absolute saddest a person can be, especially in regards to heartbreak, as defined by the act of sitting on the floor and crying while eating an entire pack of ramen. It is sadness on a level where you can't even make it through doing mundane activities like eating a meal without bursting into tears and sobbing uncontrollably.
"Jessica is sad today. I'm talking floor ramen. Someone should go check on her."
by HoodieRipper October 15, 2013
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The act of eating Ramen in a bowl on the floor because one does not care about staining their shitty college carpet but they do care about wrecking the duvet they did not have to purchase because its going to have to last for more than a few years and mom and dad are getting WAY less generous....
"Welp its a Tuesday time for some floor ramen. Don't want to stain that duvet no sir."
Friend: "What the fuck is wrong with you eat at the desk you weirdo"
"But on the desk are the papers in the notebooks I also did not have to buy"
Friend: "Just stop get yourself together"
by No stain all the gain #jesus February 06, 2018
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