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To have a friend relationship, but all you do is flirt. It is like a friends with benefits situation, just without the casual sex and make-out sessions.
Two friends, just having a normal flirtyship conversation;

Sasha: Hey Simon, wow, looking good today. -smiles, thumbs up-
Simon: Wow Sasha! GOD YOU'RE STUNNING. -eye contact-
Sasha: I love you, you know that right? -kissy face-
Simon: Yeah, but you know, i could love you in that kind of way. -chuckles-
Yuki: Wow, you guys, have something going on. I'm suspecting a little of a flirtship. -lmao-
by yuki<3 May 09, 2007
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More than a friendship, less than a relationship. Similar to friends with benefits, minus the benefits part. A friendship with flirting benefits rather than sexual.
They aren't regular friends, nor are they in a relationship; they must be in a flirtship.
by JayJaySin February 27, 2011
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A relationship between a man and a woman who pretend to just be friends. One or both of them are sexually attracted to each other, to avoid the awkwardness of an actual relationship
they just test the waters with each other.
Gabrielle: We should cuddle at the bus stop sometime

John: Sure I'm up for that

Gabrielle: I just want you to realize that this is a flirtship, I'm not up for dating you.
by Amazonia May 03, 2011
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