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Fleur is a nice girl with a pair of beautiful Brown eyes. She is very shy at first but the next day you know her she is like a real flower popping open. The thing you love the most about her is her smile and that's something she always does. But the thing that you might not like about her is her insecurety. She is a really open girl and wants to look nice but deep inside she is still that insecure girl. Maybe you could make her feel less insecure by being nice to her. She loves to sing and dance but her passion is still acting. The thing that she loves the most is a good friend, where she can rely on.
This was a really important message for all the girls called fleur cause you are all beautiful, no matter how you look you are still the most beautiful girl inside.
'She is like a fleur, I like that'

'She is my best friend I always wanted a fleur'

'That is fleur her flowerpower'
by whatireallyneed June 24, 2015
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From the french word for flower. a beautiful, sxy little thing. that may often be a bit crazy, but is aso lots of fun.
WOW she is one hell of a fleur.

shes on top form tonight, a right fleur.
by funtimesnow October 27, 2008
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Fleur is a beautiful, funny person. Sometimes she is a bit crazy and weird, but always makes you smile. She can be a bit shy, but she is always someone you can talk to and she always understands.
Wow, Fleur is so amazing.
by JellySmarties42 March 10, 2013
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A sausage shaped woman that likes sniffing 7 year old boys undies. Especially ones that smell like flowers. Fleurs often get sick and need to be treated at a high cost vet. If left in the sun then she might burn to a crisp. Fleurs often own many cats and likes to use them as a washcloth.

Slang for "Slapping your testicles against your thighs"
"God damn it man! I have the worst Fleur right now!"
"That oddly shaped person over there sure looks like a Fleur"
by BrittanyCurtain December 08, 2011
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