Used to be a time when an online artist called FLenG was a pretentious asshole, out just to destroy forums with nonsensical wits and further degrading of the female gender. Ultimately age took a front seat and now the one knowns as FLenG most often times just lurk about boards such as EatPoo, ConceptArt, CGTalk Thedrawingboard and many others and yet still known by few of him artistical merits which are soon dissapearing. Also rumoured to be a close cousing of famed Star Wars designer Feng Zhu.
"Everytime i see a disabled person in a wheelchair whizzing near an escalator or staircase, the thought of pushing them down it is almost unbearable..."
by The evil bastard December 18, 2004
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for every day of your life, for every time you sin, for every moment of bliss and every moment of pain, flenge is there. when you act from love, or from rage, when you look to Allah, or when you look to darkness, flenge flows through you and everyone you know. when the people have been through too much and seen too many of their own crushed under the boots of the oppressor and rise up in the name of liberty and justice and a dream of utopia, and, yea, when hatred spreads through the crowd, and whispers become poisoned knives, and dictators rule with a fist forged from the worst of a man's heart, the stones and the rivers and the trees will sing of flenge. flenge was here before and will be here long, long after.


...for those oh-so-flenge moments.
"Damien! DAMIEN! come back here right now! oh my f***ing god! why are you so flenge?!"
by YOU HAVE BEEN SPLEENED October 8, 2022
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A word consisting entirely of silent letters. Not to be confused with flange, which is entirely different, thanking you kindly. Alternatively spelt flunge
Bob: What does a semicolon sound like?
Alio: Flenge.
by Topper & ANBY June 17, 2004
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The crispy parts of doughnuts, usually not intentionally made; however, very tasty.

Function: noun
The doughnuts have lots of yummy flenge today!
by Steve December 17, 2003
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The crispy parts of doughnuts, usually not intentionally made; however, very tasty.
The doughnuts have lots of yummy flenge.
by Steve May 7, 2005
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