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To go into an uncontrolled rage. Losing ones temper.
Often used in the context "Take a flecky".
After being warned once, and then again about my bad behaviour in class, the teacher took a flecky and threw the wooden chalkboard duster at me!
by scottsflecky February 26, 2010
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See "Bosé".

Similar meaning to Bosé, but is used most often to describe non-human things or the appearence of things.

Used in a similar context to the word Heavy.
"Bwoy, dem trainerz is well Flecky"

"Wha' gwan? I saw your girlfriend the ovva day, she was lookin' propa Flecky"

"My house is Fleckier than your'n"
by Venus Envy April 19, 2006
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