a term used to describe a male, no matter what sexuality, who participates in a color guard of a marching band or is in Winter Guard.
Person #1: Dude, is that a guy twirling a flag?

Person #2: Yea, that's a dude, but don't laugh. That's just my crazy brother who can't play an instrument to save his life. He's not gay. Plus, he's surrounded by all those girls.

Person #1: True dat, but he's still a flaggot.
by The Reasonist November 08, 2009
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a person or persons who run to the middle of the eye of the storm battleground in world of warcraft to get the flag cap first.
"im going fel reaver you go bloodelf tower, omg did he just got to the middle what a flaggot.
by infinitygreen December 21, 2007
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Members of the school colorguard that feel the need to get involved in at least one extra-cirricular but don't have any particular talents.
People who are only good at playing Pokemon cards and join colorguard are such flaggots.
by Chernorizets Hrabr July 19, 2004
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Someone who is such an idiot that he/she deserves to be flogged with a flag pole.
Josh: I think... I love you.
Samantha:... Hahaha. Haha! Hahahahahahahaha!
Josh: -starts crying- I need tissues!
Samantha: Sorry, I ain't spend my money on no whore.
Josh: You FLAGGOT!
by NotAflaggot May 05, 2010
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