1. A person who loves their country so much it seems like they want to perform gay sex with it.

2. Somebody who is literally and openly gay for their country.
1. Guy 1: Today sucks.
Guy 1: Calm the fuck down you flaming Flaggot.

2. Flaggot (Man): America is hawt.
by Dmabsteriscoolio November 12, 2009
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Someone who only goes for the flag in any videogame's Capture the Flag gametype.
Guy 1: "Do you see that guy with 0 Kills and 3 Captures?"

Guy 2: "Yeah, What a flaggot."
by TheEnd152 May 09, 2011
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a mean name for someone who is a member of color guard. yeah, COLOR GUARD MEMBERS, not flaggots.

don't ever call someone a flaggot, because they work their asses off for 9, sometimes 11 hours a day, just to make the fucking show look more interesting. without color guard, you'd have nothing to look at.
omg that flaggot totally just missed her spot. what a stupid, like, flaggot and stuff. ya know?
by FxHxSxCxG August 04, 2006
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A false patriot who uses preposterous number of flags to cover his utter lack of civic engagement or national service. The Flaggot will occasionally use flags to mitigate acts of racial or xenophobic aggression.
What a Flaggot!That idiot with all the flags on his pickup just yelled at that Sikh cab driver, calling him an "Arab"!
by AleisterAK July 07, 2017
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Noun -

People who are way too into flags. These people usually have multiple flag stickers all over their car or a bunch of flags on their property. They usually get all excited for useless holidays like Presidents Day, or Patriots Day to tend to their flags.
Today there was a group of people in front of city hall waving these FLAGS at the cars driving by it was so annoying. Bunch of flaggots.
by Nightriderjoe September 22, 2009
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the cross of flamer and faggot. Some small kid that thinks he can knock you out but in reality is a bitch and would get fucked up.
someone who is 5 foot 7 and who's weight is 115 pounds.

troy- "i will knock your ass out"

Me-"troy your a flaggot"
by d.barton February 27, 2008
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A douchebag who flags posts on Craig's List for no good reason other than penile envy and a juvenile mentality!
Dude! I posted a sweet TV for sale on Craig's List and nobody ever responded. When I checked my posting, some Flaggot, flagged my post like a total butt sucker!
by degodan July 17, 2008
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