3 definitions by Savickas

Useless in every sense of the term, might apply to a negative dominance factor or qouta, exeperience similar to being molested by a catholic priest, enjoyed by the french, alternativey refers to the inability to win or do anything in life
dude that guy just dropped out of college to play guitar hero,,,what a durico
by Savickas December 5, 2007
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a bunch of crazy high school girls trade in there pom poms for rifles and swords and flags and instead of cheering for male attention they wave flag, flips guns, and stab males with the swords, similarly any male participant is marked as eather french or gay or a video game god..it is rude to boo or for that matter lose in color guard...its essentially the same as ecstasy
The little french communists waved there white flags of surrender in a motion very much familiar to color guard members also know as flag waving
by Savickas December 5, 2007
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God-Like ... In relation to all things dida .. Superior .. Dominant ..tactical(ant) ...useless, durico, french
God did that really happen or did i just see a swix?
by Savickas December 5, 2007
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