a small rabbit that appears to be cute and innocent
but is actually an evil little fuck
stoner #1 man watch the fuck out,thats a flabbit
stoner #2 man what the fuck are you on about?
by morz August 24, 2006
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(Adj) 1.How to formally describe a rabbit, that has been in a fight with a car or truck wheel and did not win..therefore being a flattened rabbit. Found still pasted to the road in many cases. 2. A curse word that is used in place of any or all other worse curse words. Dang Flabbit!!!! This is used in public so the young child that is listening can repeat anywhere and you are not imbaressed by hearing it come from the mouth of a babe.
1. Hey! Look, it's a flabbit...watch out! don't hit it again!

2. Son of a Flabbit! Dang Flabbit! Frickn Flabbit!
by Kit Kat73 May 11, 2010
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